Can one disable paste-disabling?

Can one disable paste-disabling?

Post by Michael Mo » Sat, 01 Dec 2007 19:09:41

I ran into a problem already several times that starts to really annoy

I keep all my passwords in a password management application on my PDA
(i.e. a little database where I keep all my passwords the access to
which is protected by a "master password").
That application allows me to copy user-id's and passwords to the
clipboard from where I then usually paste them into the corresponding
fields on the login panel or webpage.

Now, some very "clever" websites disable copy/paste on login webpages
(i.e. for username & password fields) - apparently they do this for
"security reasons" ||-(.
While this may be acceptable on a desktop where I can lay the two
windows side by side and then read the values from one window and retype
them into the other, this becomes impossible on device that display one
"window" at a time only (like PDA's).

If one uses really strong passwords, i.e. "random" character and number
combinations, it becomes almost impossible to quickly memorize these
strings and then re-enter them in the other application (esp. since
switching apps on the mobile requires several steps: open the start
menu, select the "today" screen to get access to the task-switching
application, select the the task-switcher, locate the "other"
application and switch to it). By that time I already have forgotten the
password-gibberish again, that I need to enter into the password field.

So I always need to find a piece of paper and a pen first to jot down
the password so that I can then re-enter it on the webpage. Now, THAT I
find REALLY annoying and superfluous!

Is there a way to disable the paste-disabling on webpages??? I.e. I want
to be able to paste to a text-field even if it has some java-script
event-handler (or whatever there is that prevents the pasting...) is
attached to that field.


Can one disable paste-disabling?

Post by Werner "Me » Sat, 01 Dec 2007 19:28:04

1, you might want to switch to Opera Mobile, which allows for pasting in the
password input field (unlike IEM / Jbed) - at least on the sites I've tested
it with (XDA-Devs).

2, if you want to stick with another browser, use MortSript to emulate
keypresses - then, you'll only need to start keyboard emulation via a link
or a hardware button. Search for "MortSript" on my blog for some real-world
examples of how it should be used - for example, in my latest Opera Mini
hack article.


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