please help me about the YUV video

please help me about the YUV video

Post by conquero » Fri, 13 Jul 2007 18:05:40


May you help me ? I have a question:
I code a camer driver based on mainstion3/intel pxa270/windows
mboile 5 ppc.I use the uyvy422 package format for the input and
format.In camerapdd.h, i change some settings:

#define DEFAULT_VIDEO_WIDTH 320//176
#define DEFAULT_VIDEO_HEIGHT 240//144

#define DEFAULT_CAPTURE_WIDTH 320//176


about still,i have 5 resolutions:qqvga/qvga/vga/xga/ has 2
resolutions:qqvga/qvga.I always use qvga as the preview
the still pin and capture pin both use the same resolution about
Now, i use pimg.exe(include wm5) to test camera driver,The still and
preview functions are ok.However,when chang from preview to
video(clieck the mode menu),it always pop a dialogbox and prompt
"unable complete the requested action. Out of memory".Look out the
debug informations, I find that the video format negotiation fail.
client(directshow) useCSPROPERTY_PIN_DATARANGES to get resolutions
and then use CSPROPERTY_PIN_DATAINTERSECTION to send driver format
list to match. Driver find the matched format and send back .But the
direct show always repeat these steps.

Can you help me ? thansk

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Hi,i-ve a problem with converting rgb in yuv.
I must convert a rgb image into a yuv 420P image, the problem is that
this conversion only green values is c is converted correctly, blue and
red value are gone,maybe not converted (=my image is all in light
green/dark green).
This is my code:
/* Y */
for(y=0;y<height;y++) {
for(x=0;x<width;x++) {
pict->data[0][y * pict->linesize[0] + x] =
/*U and V*/
for(y=0;y<height/2;y++) {
for(x=0;x<width/2;x++) {
pict->data[1][y * pict->linesize[1] + x] =
pict->data[2][y * pict->linesize[2] + x] =

imagedata is my rgb value and pict->data is my yuv 420P picture.
Please help, sorry for my english.
Thanks in advance.

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