Dell Axim X51v suddenly stops syncing with Vista laptop

Dell Axim X51v suddenly stops syncing with Vista laptop

Post by Wayne Mose » Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:38:08

Well after a long spell of essentially excellent syncing performance
(ever since I got Vista on the previous and now current laptop), my Ax
has decided to stop syncing with the laptop.

Today when I got home I put the Ax in the cradle connected to the
still sleeping laptop, as I do every afternoon. when I woke the laptop
it started to sync with the Ax as normal and eventually I noticed the
little red "X" on the icon in the Task Tray. I checked the Sync Center
and that said the Ax was disconnected. Strange I thought so I took it
out of the cradle and put it back, bit not before noticing that all my
appointments and contacts and other data was wiped from my Pocket
Informant.I also started noticing that ActiveSync would not load at
Startup on the Ax any more.

I figured next sync it would get all that information from Outlook
again so no harm no foul. Well a couple hours later I still have an Ax
that will not be seen by the laptop -- even just to explore.

I do notice that the WMDC Sync Host is not loaded.

I uninstalled WMDC and reinstalled, rebooted the PC and even restored
it to 4 days back when I had successful syncs (even up to yesterday).
No joy, and also no WMDC Sync Host, which I suspect is the root cause.

I deleted the partnerships on the Ax as well in order to force WMDC to
initiate setting up of a new partnership -- it never asked!

I tried moving the USB cable to another USB port -- no joy.

I know it is hard to diagnose at arm's length, but I am wondering if I
am missing something obvious.

Also, does anyone know how to load WMDC Sync Host?

Wayne Moses
Dell Axim X51v