Bar Billiards for the PPC

Bar Billiards for the PPC

Post by dave » Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:46:19

Hi all,

Bar Billiards by Parys Technografx for the PPC's
is now available from Handango or PocketGear.

Bar Billiards includes single-player (practice),
two-player (single PPC), or two-player (two
PPC's on a WiFi network).


Dave (Parys Technografx)

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I am trying to construct a model for use in a video game

Basically I have boiled things down to the following situation that needs to
be modelled:

Think of a snooker/pool table (without the pockets) with two balls on it.

The balls bounce around colliding with the sides of the table and each
other. Perfectly elastically for simplicity.

For further simplicity, there is no friction. Maybe they have unit mass.

Basically picture two circles bouncing around inside a rectangle.

My question is:


1) the dimensions of the rectangle and the circles.

2) the initial velocities of the circles

Is there an equation where I can find the location of the circles at time t?


circle_one_centre(x,y) = f(t)

circle_two_centre(x,y) = f(t)

If so, how do i go about finding this equation?

what about the same thing for n circles?

Different shaped tables??

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help


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