Active Sync error Support Code 86000209

Active Sync error Support Code 86000209

Post by jim » Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:49:16

Hi All,

I have a Mio Digiwalker - PDA phone. It has recently stopped syncing with my
desk top pc. Whenever i try to sync, this error message appear - "Support
Code 86000209". This only happens to my computer. When i try to sync with
another computer it is perfectly ok except for the occassional "LAPD
Directory not found" error. I believe it has to do with the syncing with my
outlook emails. When i dont sync my outlook email with my PDA the syncing
can proceed after i activate "trouble shoot for active sync".
But I would very much appreciate some input/help on this or shed some lights
into this. Thanks.

robert ng

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Received Verizon Motoroal Q last week. Followed the directions- uploaded MS
Activesync 4.2. Synchronizing (Contacts, E-mail, Calender) went like
clockwork until all of the sudden the wheels have fallen off. Activesync
chugs for about 4 minutes- stalls- then issues Error Support Code: 86000209.
I have spent the last few days reading threads here. I'm on most current
Service Pack Windows XP, Norton Firewall has been modified, Windows firewall
has been modified, ran Detect & Repair under the Help menu of Outlook, etc,
etc, etc.

This is KILLING me. Thanks for reading (and helping).....

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