Active Synch 3.8 and SBS2003 remote sync problems

Active Synch 3.8 and SBS2003 remote sync problems

Post by Pat Colema » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 04:55:25

My SBS2003 server is the only machine in the workplace with a static
external IP address.

We have ISA2000 running on this server also. I can get a VPN connection
from my Laptop to the Server so I do not think it is an ISA blockage that is
causing my Remote Synch Problem. ( I never did get remote synch to work on
my Pocket PC )

My Workstation just has an internal IP address. 192.168 ....... so I can't
set that IP address for the VPN connection

My Pocket PC synch's with my Workstation no problem when it is in the Cradle
( attached via USB )

We Synch the exchange folders and other items no problem using this method.

However, the remote synch is the problem.

At home, I have a wireless modem box and can wirelessly connect to the
internet on my Pocket PC, so I know I have an internet connection.

However, when at home, and I tap 'Sync' in the active Sync screen, the
Pocket PC makes a VPN connection to the Server and I can see the timer tick
away for the duration of the connection. My VPN is connected to the server,
at least according to the Pocket PC ( IPAQ 4150 )

The ActiveSync screen says 'Connecting' but thats it. Nothing happens after
Eventually I press Stop ( After 15 minutes of no action ) and I get an
error - 'Try to Sync again or look up Active Synch Help'

My Settings on ActiveSync are as follows

Under Tools, Options, PC Tab

Use this PC: the name of my workstation

I have checked the two boxes under that

When I tap the Options Box, I have checked 'Enable PC synch using this
connection (USB)' when cradled

Under The 'Server' Tab, I have the IP address if the SBS2003 server and
under options I have my user name and password from the network

I tried to install ActiveSync on the SBS2003 server and put the server name
in the "Use this PC" option when Syncing remotely, but this did not work.

Where to start looking ??


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I have HP 6340 (PPC 2002) and Windows XP with Outlook 2000 and I manage to
sync over a TCP connection with my desktop PC (sync over VPN throug GPRS),
obviously I did not upgrade to greater AS not to lose this valuable feature.
I upgraded device and bought HP 6515, the latest HP device working with AS
3.8 with on board Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Both sistem are still
device are still connected to my desktop PC, and both device sync correctly
when cradled. The old PPC2002 HP6340 will also sync remotely, but on the new
HP6515 PPC2003SE I see the green circle flashing and starting for a while
(both on the remote device and for few seconds even on the desktop PC) but it
all ends up with a not connected message: why????????????? Any ideas I can
It look like it is going to work but then, all of asudden, the green light
goes away and a diconnected message appears with no indication of any error.
Thank you for helping me

Roberto Magaglio

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