Bluetooth synching problems

Bluetooth synching problems

Post by user » Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:36:46

Lo there,

I have an XDA II and I'm trying to sync with an Acer TM C300 (onboard
BT). Creating a partnership is fine and I've been through all the
geekzone type tutorials, followed them to the letter and whenever I try
to select Tools >> Connect via Bluetooth nothing happens

Set up PC to accept incoming on port 5, latest ActiveSync installed,
rebooted, etc. The only difference to the step-by-step instructions is
that on the XDA, when I choose to "start" the activesync setup under BT
in settings I only have the command button whereas most screencaps show
two checkboxes for selectging incoming and outgoing COM ports. Ptherwise
everything is the same.

I can sync via USB and I can transfer files via BT, but I can't get the
2 to meet in the middle.

Any ideas?


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Hi gurus,
I have paired my Dopod 818pro with my desktop and synced via bluetooth
without any problems. I went ahead and installed AS4.1 on my laptop as well
with the same bluetooth stack as the desktop (Toshiba BT2.0). The first
time around when I search for the laptop on my WM5ppc, it shows only a
serial service available, not Activesync. What's wrong? I have already
checked that the AS4.1 is configured to connect via the BT incoming com port
(Com7, same as desktop setting) but still no joy. The AS icon doesn't even
spin a bit.

USB sync is ok with the laptop but no BT sync.......

Anybody has any idea?

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