Cannot open AS 4.2 in Win2000

Cannot open AS 4.2 in Win2000

Post by Jason » Wed, 20 Sep 2006 04:35:24

We had to install Active Sync 4.2 for a new device on a couple of our
Win2000 computers and the program opens the FIRST time after you reboot and
connects to the device. However if you close the ActiveSync window or
disconnect the device and then try to reconnect the device, ActiveSync does
not work. It appears to connect to the device but it doesn't allow us to
explore the device or to sync the device. I have searched the newsgroups and
all I can find is that someone posted a fix through the registry, but I
can't find such a fix. Any help?

Thanks in advance!

Jason Michel
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2. [wx2.4.2, Win2000, VC++6.0] Purpose of wxView::OnDraw() ?

Dear List,

I'm currently writing my first MDI app with wx, and was wondering what
the purpose of the wxView::OnDraw() method is.

The method is not documented in the wxView class documentation; it is
just briefly mentioned in the Doc/View topic overview: "You may need to
route some events to views or documents, for example OnPaint needs to be
routed to wxView::OnDraw."

However, I create several wxWindows as (grand-)children of a
wxDocMDIChildFrame, and can handle their OnPaint events directly by
installing the appropriate event handlers as usual. The OnPaint event
handlers do then paint their respective wxWindows.
Thus, I don't quite get why I should instead route these events to
wxView::OnDraw(), especially as I have *several* wxWindows per
wxDocMDIChildFrame (of which I have in turn one per view).

Another question: Who is really supposed to call wxView::OnDraw()? The
framework? or me?

Any insight would much be appreciated.

Best regards,

Ca3D - Engine
Carsten Fuchs

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