Activesync 4.1 and Ipaq 2490 - Help!

Activesync 4.1 and Ipaq 2490 - Help!

Post by Andrew Han » Fri, 07 Jul 2006 04:07:06

Hi all,

New to the world of PPCs and just got a new Ipaq 2490. Have installed
Activesync v4.1 and the first sync went fine. However I kept getting
intermittent 'Synchronisation Error' messages. I tried a soft reset and hard
reset but this didn't help. Tried reinstalling Activesync which worked for
the first sync then error came back. Odd thing is the error isn't
consistent. Sometimes it will sync after disconnecting and reconnecting the
Ipaq but can't find a pattern. Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Closed all Firewalls & Antivirus software.
2. Tried a soft, hard and clean reset which solved the problem initially and
then it came back.
3. Tried different sync cable.
4. Uninstalled Activesync and manually deleted the Activesync folder then
5. Tried syncing with another PC - same result.

Managed to sync successfully with Bluetooth earlier today and was able to
disconnect and reconnect with no problems. However when I came back an hour
later, problem had returned. I did nothing except turn off the Ipaq. The
pc was left running! Now I'm completely lost as to what is causing this.
The other odd thing is when it brings up 'Synchronisation Error' I can still
use the Explore option to browse the contents of the Ipaq so it's connected
o.k. but won't sync.

In summary, I get a connecting message on PC then 'Looking for Changes'
message followed by 'Synchronisation Error' message. There is no error
number and I can successfully browse the Ipaq using Explore.

Have contacted HP support which was a bit of a joke. They went through
everything I have and said it must be a faulty unit. Perhaps they are right
but before venturing down that route maybe someone out there will be able to

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