Error 409 and 0x85010004

Error 409 and 0x85010004

Post by 1971TAYLO » Tue, 20 Mar 2007 22:53:04

Hi hopefully somebody can help as this is strange:-
we have 20 x O2 xda minis
these have just been changed over from xda exec
all has gone fine except for one of the phones
on the phone the error is 0x85010004 "your account in microsoft
exchange server does not have permission to syncronise with your
current settings.

In event viewer on exchange i have this error:-
Unexpected exchange mailbox server error: blah blah HTTP satus code
{409} Verify that the exchange mailbox server is working correctly.

Ive tried other users and all is fine checked mobile access which is
allowed also and permissions are all set the same.

Any clues please

Error 409 and 0x85010004

Post by 1971TAYLO » Wed, 21 Mar 2007 19:16:59

One the phones in question i have tried and this
works fine using exactly the same username and password as i would
trying activesynce this has also happened on another users phone too,
all other phones are fine.