Weird Sync behavior

Weird Sync behavior

Post by Nospa » Thu, 13 Jan 2005 23:02:38

So, I was trying to copy some WAV files over using the shared directory and
Activesync. For some reason the WAV files ended up listed under "Notes"
after I realized I should have stuck them under the ringtones folder

And I couldn't DELETE them! Either from the desktop or the PPC; I kept
getting "file in use" errors. (I had actually started playing the file, but
I used HandySwitch to close WM Player). Finally (since I had just started
setting up the PPC ... Mobile 2003 SE, BTW) I just caved and did a hard
reset and started over.

What can I do if this happens again? Meaning, how do I get this error to

Weird Sync behavior

Post by Raj Pilla » Fri, 14 Jan 2005 01:34:19


You could try moving or deleting the concerned after performing a soft

Raj Pillai