Activesync 4.1 and 4.2 connection Issue Resolution

Activesync 4.1 and 4.2 connection Issue Resolution

Post by am04M » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 21:42:01

I thought I would post my solution that I found for fixing my Activesync 4.1
and 4.2 problem. My issue dealt with the fact that whenever I plugged in my
Samsung i730 (upgraded to WM5) pda using a USB port, Activesync would get
stuck in the "connecting" state. I would see the created network adapter, and
if I did an ipconfig, it shows that it has an ip address and that it was
pingable. I had Windows firewall disabled and for some reason was able to
connect using Infrared.

Well, my solution was that on my laptop I was running Cisco VPN client
software. Typically I am always using my laptop in the office, but I had
traveled outside of the office recently used my VPN client. Upon arriving
back in the office my problems starting occuring. Turns out that the problem
was stemming from my VPN Client software. By default, when using the VPN
client, it automatically turns on its Stateful Firewall. But when you are not
using it, it doesnt turn it off. You must manually turn it off. So that is
what I did. There is an options menu on the VPN client software that has an
option to turn on/off stateful firewall. When I did that, I was able to get
activesync connected again.

Hope this helps anyone else.

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If I have set password for my device, I find I cannot connect my CE.Net 4.2
device with PC through ActiveSync 4.1/4.0. The situation is :

1. set a password through control panel utility
2. connect CE.Net 4.2 device to PC thorugh USB cleint
3. PC will pop up a message to ask for password. When I enter password, a
error message pop up saying my possword length is incorrect.
4. The same device is ok with ActiveSync 3.8.

I try PocketPC 2003 device but PPC2003 device is ok. I am thinking this is a
bug of ActiveSync 4.1 because the two devices (CE.Net 4.2 and PPC 2003) use
the same USB Client driver.

Have someone meet the same situation? Thanks.


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