Cannot Sync WM6 with Vista x64 WMDC

Cannot Sync WM6 with Vista x64 WMDC

Post by mlai » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 09:44:39

I have upgraded my O2 Atom Life to WM6 and since then, I have nothing but
trouble trying to sync with my desktop running Vista x64 Ultimate. Before I
upgrade, the machine had WM5 AKU3.5 and everything was fine. I am
synchronizing with a SBS2003 Exchange server and the notes/files/mobile
favorites on the desktop.

Every time I try to sync with the desktop via USB RNDIS, I can see the
machine recognizes the connection as the Window Mobile Network Adapter
appears in my device manager. Most of the time I can also see my WM6 in
Computers as a drive. However, the WMDC just keeps on saying connecting
most of the time and when it does show a connection, synchronizing just
takes forever and seems to hang, and then disconnect.

I had to do the old trip of changing the USB connection from RNDIS to Serial
Sync Mode to get this thing fixed. I haven't had to do this since WM5

Can somebody give me some pointers on this or is MS aware of this? WM6
seems to be some step forward and quite a few steps backwards in this

Cannot Sync WM6 with Vista x64 WMDC

Post by Abdulkadar » Fri, 08 Jun 2007 03:45:48


Go to Control Panel -> Systems and Management -> Administrative Tools ->
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Look under Inbound and Outbound rules for rules beginning with "Window
Mobile-based Device *". If the rule exists but it is off then turn it on or
if it does not exist then create one for each of the following ports:
Inbound TCP:
. 990
. 999
. 5678
. 5721
. 26675
Outbound UDP:
. 5679

Also can you enable logging for WMDC by following the instructions at
wmdc.log and wmdhost.log from the %temp% directory after connecting your

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Cannot Sync WM6 with Vista x64 WMDC

Post by mlai » Fri, 08 Jun 2007 20:57:47

OK. This just had become a mute point. Just downloaded and installed WMDC
6.1 and now I can sync once more. Did not do any of the fix and just works.
Hopefully it will stay that way and not deteriorate like WMDC 6.0