Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by SGlrYXJ » Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:43:26


I have Vista x64 Ultimate + Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 on my dekstop and HTC

A few days ago I noticed a problem with synchronization which I couldn't
solve so far. When I establish parnership for the first time sync goes fine,
but then when I connect the device (especially through BT) WMDC produces an
"Synchronization could not be completed. See "

Moreover when I enter Outlook 2007 I have:
"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the
specified folder location. 'Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center' exited
without properly closing your Outlook data file 'C:\Users\(...)\outlook.ost'.
'Microsoft Office Outlook' must be restarted. If this error message recurs,
contact support for 'Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center' for

I tried to:
- remove and re-establish the connection
- reinstal Outlook and whole Office
- reinstall WMDC 6.1
- turn off Kaspersky (I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security for more
than 1 year and it didn't cause any problems with sync)
- scanpst.exe
- hard reset my PDA

Could you tell me what is going on? One week ago everything was flawless.
Microsoft, pls help.

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by dG1vcnJvdz » Fri, 04 Jan 2008 06:55:05

Same problem for me... used to work great except for occassional OneCare
blocking. i removed that program today though after my syncs stopped around
the 19th of Dec. Still not working for me unfortunatley, so its not that.
I'm noticing in some other forums that many people started getting same
errors in late December. i wonder if some recent Vista updates broke our


Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by SGlrYXJ » Fri, 04 Jan 2008 14:42:02

In my case it has something to do with Kaspersky Internet Secururity.

I remember that right before Christmas I'd had BSOD after which Security
Center stopped detecting KIS7. I managed to solve the problem, but maybe the
other drawback was also problem with sync.

Now I'm trying to reinstall KIS to get WMDC work (when KIS is off sync is

Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by R2VyYXJ » Tue, 19 Feb 2008 00:11:02

Hi Hikari,

Did you ever solve this problem? I have exactly the same problem which also
started in late December. I am using Vista Business, Office 2007 (including
Outlook 2007) and I have two Windows Mobile 6.0 phones (HTC S710 and HTC
S730). Both now have the same problem and both seem to sync fine with my XP

I also tried all the things you had tried (otherm than reinstalling WMDC 6.1
as I haven.t figured out how to do that!).

This is REALLY frustrating.


Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by SGlrYXJ » Mon, 25 Feb 2008 21:01:00


In my case the problem solved itself after approx. 2 weeks. Still today I
don't know the exact reason. I assume that it was some Vista/KIS update.

Regards and good luck!

Office 2007 + WMDC 6.1 = sync problem

Post by RGEgRGFuaW » Fri, 28 Mar 2008 15:34:00

Personally, it does not appear to me that neither Office 2007 SP-1 nor Vista
SP-1 had anything to do with it. This problem happened to me -- many a time
-- before and after.

The only solution Microsoft has that's worked for me is:

Delete the partnership on your device. To do that open Activesync and click
Menu - Options. Select your PC and click Delete from the menu. It is
important that you reboot.

You might want to do the same on your PC.

Connect again.

Which is a royal pain in the neck because you have to re-sync from square
one. Be sure to have a backup of your desktop data!