Unable to sync at ALL with phone

Unable to sync at ALL with phone

Post by Splung » Sun, 18 Mar 2007 03:49:56

I've bot the UT Starcom phone for Verizon, and even after following ALL of
the troubleshooting messages in the so-called "help" section of the
Microsoft website, I still cannot get the application to sync. My computer
recognizes the phone is attached, the Activesync program turns on
automatically when I plug the USB cable in, but I can't get the thing to
link up!

Is there a quick fix, or is there an alternate program out there to do the
same thing?

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2. sync'ing phone numbers with a nokia phone?

I have nokia 3595 cell phone. I have a lot of useful phone numbers on it,
and many of them are -only- stored in that one place right now, and my
simm chip appears to be on its last legs. This model does not appear to
feature infrared.

Is there any way of synchronizing the phone list/address book between my
nokia and my Palm Tungsten C, perhaps over infrafred? I'd very much like
to back up my nokia's phone database, at least.

I have access to a nokia 8290, which will accept my simm chip and the
numbers on it. I know this model has IR on it. However, when I fished
around in the menus on the 8290, all I found was a way of enabling what
appeared to be incoming infrared, not outgoing.

Any suggestions?


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