Upgraded to Win 7 - sync stopped working

Upgraded to Win 7 - sync stopped working

Post by TomCon via » Tue, 10 Nov 2009 15:32:32

I upgraded Vista -> Win 7.

Mobil Device Center still pops up, and the partnership with my device (Dell
Axum X30) is recognized, and the sync starts. (All was syncing well before
the upgrade).

However, sync hangs about half way thru. I've left it going for a very long
time (few hours), and it just does not proceed beyond somewhere in the middle
of the status bar, where it is stuck. There is no error message nor
indication of any any kind that anything is wong. In task manager, i do not
see "not responding".

So - any thoughts?
(a) are there known issues or things i must do for Win 7?
(b) what can i do - i really feel "totally stuck" without a clue of what to
do now. (already reset device and rebooted desktop, several times)


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Upgraded to Win 7 - sync stopped working

Post by Todd Allco » Thu, 12 Nov 2009 05:35:28

haven't tried syncing with Win7 yet, so that the following info for what's
it worth (not much!) but generally, most sync problems have the same few
issues. First, can you tell what's syncing when it hangs? (Contacts,
Calendar, Favorites, etc.) If so, turn that item off and try to complete a
sync. Then you can turn it on afterwards and see if it hangs again.

For the item type that is hanging, the problem is usually one specific item
the device doesn't like, because it has corrupted information or simply
information the device can't handle- like in a Contact or Calendar's "Notes"
field, for example. (I know WinMo has issues with long notes fields, or
certain objects embedded in the notes field.)

You could try ScanPST (or Detect and Repair, or whatever your version of
Outlook calls it) and see if any errors are detected and repaired then try
syncing again. Maybe something went awry with your Outlook PST when you
upgraded to 7.

Assuming that accomplishes nothing, the next thing to do is "divide and
conquer." Take the entire contents of the problem item type's folder and
move (cut and paste) all the items to a subfolder (the WinMo device can't
"see" subfolders) and sync. This will remove all the items of that type
from the device because they were "deleted" from the PC (from the device's
point of view, they were!)

Now, grab the items a few (or bunch) at a time purposefully (e.g. for
Contacts, maybe the As, Bs, Cs and Ds, then the Es, Fs, Gs, and Hs, etc.)
and copy them (rather than cut/paste- let's keep an entire record of that
item type "just in case"!) back to the main folder with the device connected
so it syncs them as you move them. Wait for each batch to finish syncing
before dragging the next back to the main folder. Eventually you'll find a
batch of them that "hangs" while syncing. When you do, remove them and
bring that batch back in smaller batches (e.g. just the Fs, then just the
Gs, etc.) and repeat until the find the sole item that causes the sync to
hang. Recreate a new entry of the hanging item manually, save it, let it
sync, then continue copying in batches for the rest of the items (in case
multiple items are causing problems.)

[You'd think after ten years Activesync/WMDC could just pop up an error
saying "Can't sync 'Smith, John' Retry/Cancel?" but instead it just grinds
away or fails when an error is encountered!]

Hopefully this helps, or at least helps find the problem.

Good luck!

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