multiple cab installation

multiple cab installation

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Have you looked at the cabwiz utility provided by mircosoft throught the Microsoft SDK for Windows Mobile 5.0?

I also use a tool from called PocketPC Installer which can create a single .exe as a wrapper for multiple cabs. You can specify a ton of parameters, seeding data, regsitry keys, & custom splash screen during install. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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2. Installation Word 2007 cab

I have a full version of Word 2003 on my computer. This weekend I tried to
install Word 2007 upgrade, which failed because of a missing
file. I have tried uninstalling Word 2003 and reinstalling and now Word 2003
wants the setup disk, which I have, but it's looking for a different cab
file. I have purchased a registry cleaner software and run that, but it
doesn't help. These cab file numbers don't appear to be something that exist
on the installation CDs, so I assume something else is going on here. I
believe both CDs were purchased from Staples, so I assume they're legit
copies. Can anyone explain this or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
for any help.

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