RenderFile() function hangs up?

RenderFile() function hangs up?

Post by osvaldo » Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:25:36

Hi all,
I've got a simple question:
do you know if the DirectShow interfaces' RenderFile() function to hang up?
It happens to me when I try to render some video file formats (with other formats, function simply returns an error)!
Worst of all, that function hangs everything, i.e. the program never returns from RenderFile(); moreover the entire o.s. crashes (even mouse pointer goes locked), and I must restart the PC!!

My "test" video files are (depending on their format) about 50KB wide so I don't think that there is any hardware capability issue. By the way, the platform is a x86 single board computer Vortex SOC 133 Mhz, with 64MB of RAM (40MB free before running the program). The o.s. is WinCE 6.

Every clue is appreciated
Thanks in Advance
Osvaldo - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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