Handling double click event in tree view

Handling double click event in tree view

Post by Hari » Tue, 19 Jun 2007 23:47:35


I need to identify double-click events on the tree view nodes and
display another form. I tried with this http://www.yqcomputer.com/
But to my surprise, when I dragged the user control to the form, I
did'nt find the Nodes property in the properties window. But its
acceptable at run time.
How do I handle double-click event on the tree view? What
modifications are needed to make this code work for double-click?
Please help.



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I have a tree view which has Check Box's beside each node.
In the BeforeCheck event Handler I have canceled the event to
prevent the user from Checking/ Un-checking the box.
I am trying to now set up the DoubleClick event but the first time
the user double clicks the event is not called. For example the first
time clicked it will expand/Collapse the node but the event will not be
called. Every time after that it works correctly.
A co-worker also has a similar problem with right clicking to bring up
a context menu. The first time it does not work then every time after
that it works as expected.
Any ideas would is appreciated.

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