Wrecked my Visual Studio 2005 install, need help installing it cle

Wrecked my Visual Studio 2005 install, need help installing it cle

Post by UmFtb24gUm » Sat, 07 Jan 2006 04:49:02

Hello guys,

I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Build Beta 2 on my computer. For a
while now, I had it installed and humming along fairly smoothly with almost
no hiccups - period.

I recently bought a pocket pc to begin developing directly to my device.
When the device said it needed to have NET Compact Framework 2.0, I
downloaded the redistributable right off the microsoft website and uploaded
it to the pocketpc after installing it on my computer.

That's when the errors started.

After that, I could not see emulator images of pocketpc projects I had.
After struggling with it for a while, I ultimately decided to uninstall the
Visual Studio software and all the sdks I had on my pc, but I made a mistake.
I uninstalled the Visual Studio beta 2 without following proper instructions,
so I basically opened the Windows Add/Remove programs window and went down
the line a program at a time, uninstalling without being careful as to what I
was uninstalling.

I wound up in a situation where I uninstalled the Net Compact Framework 2.0
before uninstalling SQL Server 2005 beta software. At that point the SQL
server stuff didn't want to uninstall.

I then downloaded the visual studio 2005 beta remover app from the microsoft
site and tried to see if it could clean up my act, but it too had problems
removing the visual studio sql server 2005 beta apps off my pc.

My last resort was to download the microsoft install cleaner utility to try
to remove some things off the pc. I am not sure at this point whether I used
it or not, but I do remember through many means that I was unable to remove
the SQL Server 2005 beta apps that go with the whole Visual Studio 2005 beta
2 suite.

After trying to restore Visual Studio 2005 beta 2 through a restore point, I
ultimately uninstalled it again (and it still hiccuped with the SQL Server
2005 beta software erroring out of the uninstall procedure).

Fast forward a day. I decided to try reinstalling Visual Studio 2005 beta 2
all over again - my logic was that if I did so, it would "cover up the
holes", if you will. So I grabbed the cds and tried again.

I was actually able to restore most of the functionality, and most
everything reinstalled. Let's review:

I reinstalled Visual Studio 2005 almost completely, but it did not properly
install the SQL Server 2005 apps.

I reinstalled Visual Studio 2005 almost completely, but now, I can only
program for the pocketpc that I have and export directly to the device.
Emulators are not "connecting" and are not running sample programs I have.

How do I start from square one? I would either like to

(a) completely remove Visual Studio 2005 beta 2 so I can install Visual C#
and Visual C++ express editions and use the SDKs to program mobile software
on them, or

(b) remove everything Visual Studio beta-related one more time, and try to
reinstall the beta software again (at least until the beta dies down this

What can I do? In any event, I want to guarantee that it is going to be a
clean install all around. (I'm ready to follow instructions now... :)

Thank you for reading this post. ANY help is welcome and appreciated.

Thanks again,

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Wrecked my Visual Studio 2005 install, need help installing it cle

Post by Barry Bond » Tue, 10 Jan 2006 04:21:47

ry this:

Also, Aaron Stebner's blog
(http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/articles/492809.aspx) has a bunch of
troubleshooting guides.


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