Connection problem PC <-> WM 5.0 via activesync

Connection problem PC <-> WM 5.0 via activesync

Post by Kristofer » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 20:42:17


I need a tcp/ip connection from a Windows Mobile 5.0 device to a PC

i.e PDA -- tcp/ip --> PC (port 5555)

I can get this to work by opening a socket on IP on the PC
and then let the PDA connect to "ppp_peer".

But how do I know I'm using the right IP (eg
Is there anyway I can find out what IP activesync is using?

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I'm trying to understand why I'm not able to place any
files onto a Home Edition from my Pro Edition that are
physically connected by a 4-port switch. There are files
that I have on the Pro Edition (PE) that I want to place
on the Home Edition(HE). I'm not able to do it that way,
but I can take them from the PE sitting at the HE. ????

>>Meaning<< If I am sitting at the PE and try to place
the file into a shared folder on the HE, it won't let me
do it and I get this error message entitled "error
copying file or folder" Cannot copy my network places:
Access is denied. Make sure the disk in not full or write-
protected and that the file is not currently in use<

Now if I'm at the HE, I can navigate to the folder that
resides on the PE and just take the file or copy it with
no problem and place it in a folder on the HE.

I have made an account on the HE that gives me access on
the PE, and I have activated the guest account on the
home so that the PE can log into it.

There's nothing else that I have noticed about the
connection that raises any questions, just this one topic.

Could someone tell me what it is that I am missing here??
THANX N ADVANCE. The Rookie/Wayne B.

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