query :pocket pc device and pocket pc emulator

query :pocket pc device and pocket pc emulator

Post by TmF2ZWVuIG » Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:43:04

Hello Sir,
i am developing an application for pocket pc 2003.
First i want to tell you exactly what is happening .As i ahve used the
de *** r it is not generating any error at any sort of point .it is
moving with ease.
Then i thought why not to check the path i was providing to the files which
my exe looks for at run time .I have got some files which i used to copy
in to my emulator device at location"My Device" at this place my exe is also
formed. so when i cliciked the exe it is working fine. Later i checked the
path on my device and i did found i was placing it at wrong place . so now i
brought all my files and release exe in "My Device" of my pocket pc
device.And iwhen i clicked it my exe came into operation and when it moved
little bit further it showed up me the same error again " out of memory".Then
i loaded my debug version of my exe onto the device and when i clicked
my exe it gave me error.Path for some the files missing or all the files
are not being loaded..

Now please tell me how should i give path to my files in evc++.
at present i am giving like this

args->imageDir= "\\Image";

and i am putting my files in my device .Do i need to change the path.


Does it mean that the application that we develop on pocket pc emulator does
not stand true on device .



query :pocket pc device and pocket pc emulator

Post by r_z_are » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 04:48:08

You've already asked the identical question in the thread called
"query on pocket pc emulator and device". Please continue the
discussion in that thread, rather than starting a new one.

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