Exchange contact sync problems.

Exchange contact sync problems.

Post by Mikael Jen » Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:20:13

I have a problem with contact synconizations under Ex2003.

We bought a (3rd party) modul for sync'ing contact between Axapta and
Exchange. Only problem is, the address data is synced wrong and the company
that sold us the modul, claims that the problem lies in our Exchange
installation sins the module runs fine on other installations they've done.

converting from Ax to Ex
Zipcode is converted into the "provins" field
cityname is converted into both city and zipcode field

The other way
zip -> cityname
cityname just disapear

The Ex2003 installation is a migration off and old Ex5.5 organisation with
danish forms installed. I suspect this might be related to the problem;
either the old Ex5.5 forms making a problem for field relations or else,
that we need to install some new forms??
The sync module uses something in a Outlook installation to make the
connection (i suspect this is normal, sins i was tolt it was a standart
outlook/exhange interface) and we currenty uses a danish Outlook 2000 SR1, I
dont know, but could this also be the problem?

Any great ideers?

Best regards.

Exchange contact sync problems.

Post by Chris Scha » Tue, 22 Jun 2004 22:32:44

I don't know if it is great idea or not, but its highly likely the
vendor who sold you the product is full of shite. If the sync module
is using Outlook or CDO to do the install, I highly doubt that
anything in Exchange specifically is causing the issue.

Ask them for another Danish customer who is using the product

Chris Scharff

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Exchange contact sync problems.

Post by Mikael Jen » Wed, 23 Jun 2004 17:42:58

Hmm.. It seems i might have mis-directed my problem.. I just found out i
might be an Outlook (or form) problem.

Most users (including me) run a Danish version of Outlook and I just found
out there is a diffrence in the address details from Eng to DK.

In DK, the address details fields are as follows:

But in Eng its:
City ^
Province ^
ZIP <--

And as U might have guessed, if I use a Eng Outlook, the addresses are
displayed correctly

One point seemed to strike me:
The detailed address template (forms) is very similar wheter its Eng/DK or
2000/2003. Soo my first thought was naturally..
Is it Exchange templates or Outlook specific?

Bottom line.. Is it correct that I can degrade oure sync problem, to an
DK-Outlook problem?
And can i correct this on the server, soo all users get the changes (and

Exchange contact sync problems.

Post by Chris Scha » Fri, 25 Jun 2004 00:24:57

I'm not sure how you could correct the issue from the Outlook side.
Are you saying they dump the data into the address field and rely on
Outlook to parse it into the correct subfields? I think the software
ought to be able to populate those fields individually which would
eliminate the need for Outlook to try and parse the data into the
correct fields (and thus make it language agnostic).