Moving user data from Exch2K org to Exch2K3 org?

Moving user data from Exch2K org to Exch2K3 org?

Post by Ronny Ro » Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:48:39

Hopefully an easy question:

If I want to use Exmerge to first extract data out from old Exchange 2000
server in a Windows 2000 AD and then import the .PST files into a completely
different Exchange 2003 server on a different Windows 2003 AD, then which
versions of Exmerge do I use?

Like this: Exmerge from Exchange 2000 SP3 to export into .pst files and then
the Exmerge that is part of Exchange 2003 to import the .pst files to
mailboxes on the Exchange 2003 server?
Is this the correct way to do it, if there are no connections or trusts or
connectivity between the two domains/Exchange organisations?

Thanks and regards

Ronny Roe
Micros Fidelio Sweden


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