Workflow-Designer Crashed and Killed Workflow Execution

Workflow-Designer Crashed and Killed Workflow Execution

Post by Henr » Sat, 01 May 2004 01:26:34


At first the prereq:
Windows Server 2003
Exchange 2003
Office 2003

Office XP
Workflow-Designer (the free one, not from the Developer-Package) Version
2000, no new one available

Anyone encountered the same problem? I developed a workflow with the
Workflow-Designer and the client crashed after removing transitions and
replacing states with new transitions. Afterwards (and resetting the
exchange-server also) the workflow enters the first state and terminates
with an error (and not saving the form). The event viewer logged an
workflow error on transition with ID #1539, stateing a domain is missing
or an communication failure occurred. I don't know the exact wording, the
environment is set up in German.

How can I solve this problem? I assume it must be the Exchange Server,
because I made a new public folder and started a new workflow from
scratch with the same behavior, but this is not for sure.

Any hints very much appreciated.

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I am a newbie to this (exchange server and workflows) and I am trying to
create a test workflow app using workflow designer (office developer) and
exchange 2003. I have created a workflow system account and added it to
exchange domain server group and set it as the identity that workflow event
sink takes. also i have added this account and my account to the both the
required roles in the windows event sink COM+ application on the server that
has exchange 2003 installed. i m aworking on another machine on the same
domain (with centralised authentication using active directory) tht has
office developer installed. When I try to create a new exchange workflow
project it says "Cannot create workflow project You may not be a member of
can register workflow role or the server may not have been found".
any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Yatendra Khandelwal
IshiSystems Inc.

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