Licence user limit exceeded

Licence user limit exceeded

Post by QnJhZ » Sat, 18 Nov 2006 04:51:02

I have a client with an SBS2003 Server (Exchange 2003) and they are receiving
the following notifications occasionally...

To: Joe Smith
Subject: Licensing issue.


The attached message was not delivered to the following recipients due to
licensing issues:

XXXX@XXXXX.COM : Licence user limit exceeded.

They have a 20 user license and have 19 users. Exchange appears to create
some licenses for Administrator, System Attendant, SystemMailbox and SMTP.
Do these count as users?

Also, if my spelling is correct - the 2nd occurance of license is misspelled
in the error.

Any help is appreciated!


Bill Haughee, Custom Computer Services

Licence user limit exceeded

Post by Ed Crowley » Sat, 18 Nov 2006 05:38:21

Stop and disable the License Logging Service and use some other means to
ensure that you have the correct number of licenses.
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
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