SMTP Messages Pending submission Queue fills with messages

SMTP Messages Pending submission Queue fills with messages

Post by Sg » Fri, 15 Aug 2008 00:10:11

Box: W2K3 SP2 Back-End Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server SP2 has outbound mail
"Messages Pending submission Queue" fill up with messages at random times.
Restarting the SMTP service or rebooting the Exchange server itself fixes
this issue.

Anyone run into this?

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I had this problem for 2 months at the beginning of this year. I documented
how I fixed it back then in the newsgroup. When I recently did a reinstall
of Trend CSM for various reasons, the problem returned. Again, my new
research and fix efforts found nothing that worked until.......

It seems that the problem would start with the arrival of the first virus
infected email. sometimes the first one, sometimes not. But every time the
queue started building, we found a disparity between the contents of the
vs1\queue directory and the exchage messages pending submission queue. Seems
that the infected email does not get properly deleted from the queue folder,
and every time it tries to resend, the message ties up the smtp service
conflicted wiht sending and /or deleting the message. the more of these
"ghost" email in the vsq\queue, the slower and more behind the pending queue
became. If you try to delete the ghost message from the queue folder, you

Microsoft released an fix for this on Dec 6.

After applyiing this hotfix, I did indeed have to reboot before I was able
to remove the files from the queue folder. Since that fix, I have gone
trouble free for 4 days, while continuing to recevie infected emails that
the TRend deals with just fine.

Inerestingly, after the fix and reboot, I was still not able to immediately
delete the ghost emails, however after a few minutes I tried moving the
files to the desktop and the systeem allowed this jsut fine. I then deleted
the message no problem, the submission queue emptied witihn seconds, and now
i am running fine.

good luck to others who have struggled with Trend and MS to help all of us
resolve this behavior.


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