Public Folder tree not visible in Exchange System Manager (Exch 20

Public Folder tree not visible in Exchange System Manager (Exch 20

Post by ZmlsaXBuZ » Wed, 06 Feb 2008 15:19:00

Hi ,

For some reason I do not see any public folders listed under Folders ->
Public Folders ( which is the default , MAPI tree ).

They do exist and they are accessible from Outlook.

Although I have full admin rights on the organization, when I go to any
given folder properties in Public Folder Store - > Public Folders , under
permissions I have only "Client permissions available " - the other 2 buttons
namely "Directory rights" and " Administrative rights", are grayed out. When
I click on "Client permissions available " I get an error pop-up message :

Title : Exchange System manager
Text : An unexpected error occurred
ID no: 8000ffff
Exchange System manager

If I click on the same button , but holding Ctrl key I get another pop-up
error :

Title : Exchange System manager
Text : Unable to read security information
from the directory
ID no: c1033028
Exchange System manager

I tried the same with another admin account - same result.

It seems that this has been an issue since the installation of that Exchange
2003 server.
I can guess that this has something to do with the Exchange integration with
the AD and the set permissions.

Any help is greatly appreciated !

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are running several flavors of the outlook client. They
include Outlook 2000, 2002(XP), 2003 Beta. The PF store
is located on a W2K server with E2K standard edition
installed. This server also serves as a bridigehead
server. The WSs run W2K, XP, on NT4.0 as the OS. Only an
extremely small percentage of users are complaining about
this problem.

Any clue?

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