Moving Mailboxes to new Mailbox/Information Store

Moving Mailboxes to new Mailbox/Information Store

Post by Mark Arnol » Fri, 22 Dec 2006 02:46:39

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:28:00 -0800, Randy Perryman

Single instance storage is maintained across stores and storage
groups. There's a little bit on this in the Scalability guide:

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getting close to the limit on our 2000 exchange server, so I have started
enforcing limits and deleted old mailboxes.

Saturday I set keep deleted items to 0 days, and keep deleted mailboxes to 0

I then ran eseutil, and although I have gained a little storage back (back
under 14 gig), when I go to the mailbox store I see all of the old mailboxes
I thought I deleted.

is there a step I missed in removing these old mailboxes?

I hate to have to run eseutil again, I do not have enough hard drive space
on my exchange server so I have to copy the files over to our file server
and then back when running eseutil.
Took almost 8 hours.

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