"messages pending submission" queue and retry setting?

"messages pending submission" queue and retry setting?

Post by Research S » Sat, 05 Feb 2005 08:57:11

In Exchange 2003, we do offline backups every night. We tried to stop all
Exchange-related services, except SMTP and IIS Admin while we do the backup,
thus allow the SMTP (inbound) queue to continue to receive email until the
Information Store is back up.

We had hoped that as soon as the other Exchange services were started that
the "messages pending submission" queue would just empty immediately and
automatically. However, all of the messages received during down time are
still sitting there although new messages are delivered immediately.

Is there a way to force these "delayed" messages sitting there to be
"retried" immediately? (Either through a cmd line script or by adjusting a
registry setting?)

Thanks for any help.

"messages pending submission" queue and retry setting?

Post by Boris Lokh » Sat, 05 Feb 2005 10:49:02

This is very odd what you're describing... What's wrong with online backups?




"messages pending submission" queue and retry setting?

Post by Research S » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 00:46:29

Before our Exchange 2000 production deployment, we did vast testing with
back and recovery scenarios with both online and offline backups (using the
built-in ntbackup). Offline backups never once had a restore issue, we were
always able to bring the server back up without problems even after many
successive restores. However, in testing online backups, after the 3rd or
4th successive restore, the database got to an inconsistent state that was
not recoverable or mountable.

For our offline backups, we simply stop all Exchange-related services, copy
the database and transactions files to another disk partition, then start
Exchange services. For a 50 GB priv.edb we are down for less than an hour
every night. However, as the database size grows, this time will increase
and we were hoping to NOT stop SMTP so that it will continue to receive
email and hold it in the queue until the information store is running. Then
we noticed that it can take an hour or longer after the information store is
back up before any of the email in the "messages pending submission" queue
is actually retried. Is there a way to adjust the retry period on the
"messages pending submission" queue?