Workflow Event sink missing

Workflow Event sink missing

Post by Brandon Mc » Thu, 23 Jun 2005 12:07:40


I have an instance of Exchange 2003 enterprise installed on win2k3
enterprise and I want to use Workfow Designer for exchange to create
some event sinks. I was going thru the steps of setting up the
appropriate permissions and a workflow account but ran into a snag when
I didn't see the Workflow Event Sink entry under COM+ applications
within the Component Services snapin. I've read that Exchange is
supposed to put it there during installation however it obviously did
not. I can't find anything that tells me how to put it there manually
and that's why I'm here. How do I install the WOrkFlow Event Sink into
COM+ Applications in COmp. Services? And what part of the Exchange
install would have to fail for it to not have already been installed? I
had received an error during the install when it was instaling something
in the Messaging and Collaboration portion but luckily the install
continued so I didn't have to start all over again. I'd have to look in
the install log to see what that was though.


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I am working on an SMTP Protocol Event Sink. I am firing on RCPT TO

I am creating a message object with

Message Msg = new Message(message);

Msg.SenderAddressSMTP is populated with the sender's address. However there
doesn't seem to be any reference to the Recipient. Where can this be
obtained. I thought it would be in Msg.Rfc822ToAddress but this is not

Is there another object that has this info??



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