Upgrade Windows 2000 domain and Exchange 2000 to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 - Adding new server

Upgrade Windows 2000 domain and Exchange 2000 to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 - Adding new server

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Our current settings is the following:

2 x DC running W2K. One also runs DHCP server and the other one runs DNS
Exchange 2000 Back-end installed on one of the DC
Exchange 2000 Front-end installed on a standalone W2K server on DMZ

We would like to upgrade to a W2K3 domain and Exchange 2003.
All the hardware will be replaced.
This time, we will have 2 servers dedicated to DC roles and Exchange 2003
will be installed on a standalone W2K3 server.

What would be the best steps to allow a smooth upgrade, as transparent to
the users as possible and with the minimum risks for me!

I was thinking under these lines:

1] Install the 2 servers with W2K3
2] Promote first W2K3 server to DC
3] Promote second W2K3 server to DC
4] Move all the roles from W2K DC to both the 2 W2K3 DC
5] Demote the 2 W2K DC
6] Install 3rd new server with W2K3.
7] Install Exchange 2003 to new server
8] Replicate public folders
9] Move all mailboxes to new Exchange 2003
10] Stop Exchange 2000
11] After a while remove Exchange 2000
12] After a while remove the 2 W2K servers

Q: At what stage (if required) to I need to run ADREP FORESTPREP and ADREP

Q: How do I move/migrate the DHCP and DNS servers?

Q: Is the best way, or/and I am missing any steps, or not in the right

PS] We can live with a few days without OWA, so I was thinking to install
Exchange 2003 Front-end last.

Thank you for your help


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Hi all,

We have a single Server running Windows 2000 Server SP4 and the
Exchange 2000. test.matrix.xxx.com

Planning to switch all to Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise and Exchange
2003.( New Hardware)

I read lots of articles here but my scenario is little different or
may be I think so.

I have installed Windows 2003 R2 on a new machine
Also I have setup test machine running Windows 2000 SP4.

I joined the Windows 2003 R2 DC test1.matrxi.xxx.com to the test
machine DC. Ran all adprep /forestprep adprep /domainprep adprep
/domainprep /gpprep on test.matrix.xxx.com

Then I installed Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 R2 also as a new
Exchange Server (not upgrade from 2000)

Now we dont use AD on Windows 2000 Server. It is just for Exchange

How should I move all the Exchange Mailboxes or all the emails from the
Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003.

So once I am done. I can have just to shut the Exchange 2000/ Windows
2000 Serve down and I'll will have Excahnge 2003/ Windows 2003 R2 on
new hardware with all my emails.

Thanks in advance


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