Workflow Event Sink

Workflow Event Sink

Post by Henr » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 16:45:18

Has anyone a clue where those services come from, or how they were
*exactly* installed? I know quite well, that I use the Workflow Designer,
and that both things are tightly linked together, but under Exchange2003
I find those services, and under Exchange 5.5 not. My goal is let the
Workflow Event Sink show up under Exchange 5.5. Is there any chance? And
when yes, how to accomplish?

Thanks in advance

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Beside of using the Workflow architecture I don't know of any other way to
get a read event. You could use WebDAV to subscribe to receive the read
event subscription notification, but WebDAV exposes other limitations.

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>> >> I've successfully created the typical AsyncSave and AsyncDelete event
sinks, >> but I need to trap an event whenever a mail item is OPENED FOR READ. I >> think I need a custom event sink... though WorkFlow documentation
indicates >> that they 'abstracted' the Read event from the Save and Delete. Any >> ideas???

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