Duplicate mailbox remains after mailbox move

Duplicate mailbox remains after mailbox move

Post by just bo » Fri, 25 Apr 2008 06:50:19

In Exchange 2003 we've been moving mailboxes from one server to another
without problem except for one mailbox which was moved OK but also shows up
in System Manager on the old server but with a red X. The user, in this
case, one of our admins, did not notice anything and his mailbox on the new
server is working fine. I tried moving the mailbox back to the old server
thinking maybe it would fix the problem and then I could move it back but we
get an error that a duplicate mailbox exists.

So I'm not sure if I should delete the mailbox on the old serer or what to
do. Suggestion please!

Extended info not necessarily affecting this issue but related:
The old server has been doing random reboots with no clues left in the event
log so we are going to take it offline and do a bunch of hardware tests. My
thought is if we find the problem we will probably move the mailboxes back
to this server in the next week as it has better redundancy options
(Proliant DL380 vs. DL320). If we can't find a hardware problem we will
consider wiping the server.


Duplicate mailbox remains after mailbox move

Post by Jamestechm » Fri, 25 Apr 2008 10:54:35

Set mailbox retention on that store to 0 and let the database
maintenance run on it's next cycle.

James Chong (MVP)
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