HP CF Camera F1869-60001 on a Dell Axim X5?

HP CF Camera F1869-60001 on a Dell Axim X5?

Post by mike » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:25:29

I have an HP CF Camera F1869-60001 that I used on
my HP Jornada 548. I've updated to a Dell Axim X5
and would like to use the camera.
I installed the ARM cabfile. Installs, but I get a
yellow exclamation triangle when I insert the card.
Assume this is an error, but no other clues are given.

Is there a way to make this camera work in the Dell Axim X5?
I'm at PC2002 OS level, but could upgrade to PPC2003 if required.

Do we know the original vendor of the camera? Maybe they have
more universal drivers for download?

Thanks, mike

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HP CF Camera F1869-60001 on a Dell Axim X5?

Post by Sven » Sun, 04 Sep 2005 14:36:22

Can't say for sure since my HP CF camera went along with my Jornada,
but...the current HP SD camera is the same as the Veo Traveler SD camera. I
use my HP SD camera in my Dell X50v with the Veo drivers. Maybe Veo's CF
drivers will work for the older HP CF camera.

If nothing else, Microsoft Portrait does support the HP CF camera in other
devices. I think I recall using it on an X5 when I had those two units. Not
a great capability, but it does capture stills, along with being a
videoteleconferencing capability.

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