Play asf-file in web-page

Play asf-file in web-page

Post by U3ZhbnR » Tue, 03 Jan 2006 02:06:02

Hi there
I have a network camera (Linksys). It is possible to view the on-line video
a web-page. But it do not work on my Pocket PC. I have just upgraded my
device to WMP 10 and I thought that should do the job. But it doesn't. I have
also tried to enter the URL to the page directly in WMP 10, but with the same
result. The video is in asf (or MPEG-4?) format, and as far as I have heard
WMP 10 should support this.

My understanding is that a browser has to run an Active-X OCX applet in
order to view the camera output. Is that correct?

Anyone has an idea why this is not working?

Play asf-file in web-page

Post by Neil Smith » Tue, 03 Jan 2006 08:10:56

On Sun, 1 Jan 2006 09:06:02 -0800, Svante

Pocket IE only hosts a very small number of ActiveX controls, and I
don't think they can be downloaded (because they're written for PC
processor type, not XScale processor type).

It's quite possible the applet is a Java applet in any case, again
that's not supported in Pocket IE.

If the video was MPEG4 video, then it's not going to be an asf file
type - so you'd have to find an MPEG 4 player because WMP doesn't play
anything other than WMA, WMV and MP3 files.

Mostly for the reasons above, you're out of luck. You could try
PocketDIVX or TCPMP players to see if they can read the direct URL
stream, but my feeling is this won't work for you.

Cheers - Neil


Play asf-file in web-page

Post by U3ZhbnR » Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:21:01

Thanks Neil!
I tried TCPMP and it worked! Pretty cool! Now I can monitor the entrance of
my house on-line via my Qtek9090 through GPRS (or W-LAN where available).
Perfect! Thanks a lot for mention TCPMP!

Kind regards

Gotheburg, Sweden

Play asf-file in web-page

Post by » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:01:26

Do you happen to know if there is any way to use TCPMP with C# through
an activeX control or anything else similar? I am trying to write a
program to display a security camera as well but I can't seem to find
any solutions... It doesn't need to be web based either necessarily
but it does need to be C# or something in .net that I can get to from
C#. If you know of anything great and if not... oh well.


Play asf-file in web-page

Post by Neil Smith » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 20:46:39

I'm certain you can, as it's an open source media player !

Personally re-coding it, that's way beyond me but you might want to
take a look at the project page
on the Subversion repository for the source code : NOTE it used to be
called BetaP{layer till late last year, so that's the branch AFAIK

I'd definitely give the developers a bell and ask about this before
stomping any files, in case my versioning is out. Possibly "Picard"
may be the lead developer, but best check anyway.