Playing .au file type

Playing .au file type

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My office phone system emails voice messages in a .au file. One of my
employees has a Motorola Q and can listen to his emailed messages with his
Mobile Media 10. I got the Sprint 6800 Mogul and my Mobile Media 10 will not
recognize this file type. How do I configure my Mobile Media 10 to recognize
this file type? Thanks for any info.

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2. WM9 doesn't play AU files.

Recently I installed WM player 9.0 and now I can't play AU
Files. The Media Player comes up when I click on an AU
File and in the process of the program doing a download of
the Codecs I get a message that says:
'Class Not Registered' Then I clicked on Web Help and
the following page came up

Which says:
You have encountered the following error while using
Windows Media Player: Error# 80040154

Sorry, no more help is available for this problem at this
time. Click the button to explore other help resources.
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 14, 2003


On the site below I downloaded WM9Codecs.Exe and ran it.

Then I did a Restart and ran the program but still get the
same error message.

I have Windows 98SE and the Media Player is:
(WAV files work okay)

In WM9 I did verify (via Tools) that the AU file was

Any help would be appreciated.

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