REPOST : Multiple user PDA LAN

REPOST : Multiple user PDA LAN

Post by ComPC » Tue, 11 Oct 2005 03:12:16

I have a requirement to be able to network 20 PDA's (Pocket PC's) in
order that they can communicate with a laptop, wirelessly.

What I need, is for the PDA users to be able to type some text into
Pocket Word, and save it as a document onto a laptop.

Is it possible to set up PDA's in such a way so that they have write
access to a folder on a 'remote' computer, bearing in mind that there
will be 20 PDA's all wanting to send documents to *one* laptop.

I suppose it could be considered an ad-hoc type of network?

The scenario is that each user will be listening to a speech, and,
instead of interrupting the speaker, they can type out a question (via a
PDA keyboard) which can then be saved as a document on a laptop used by
the speakers assistant. The assistant can then peruse the questions, and
pass the most appropriate ones to the speaker to answer.

I really will appreciate any positive help anyone can give me, TIA

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Hi All

I am relatively new to SQL CE and Merge Replication. I have however managed
to get it working with SQL 2005 and SQL Mobile, Using Dynamic filters.

At the moment I am using the same subscriber name for all the PDA's called

And I am using the users Login to Filter the Data into partitions.

My problem is that there is the possibility that a single user could
accidentally log onto more than 1 device at a time and this means that there
data fill be transfer to both PDA's.

I am hoping that there is a simple way of solving this issue. Like using the
user name for the Subscriber name (I am not sure this would do anything

Does any one have any ideas?

Or is this not a problem, and SQL Server Replication manager will take care
of it all for me?

Many thanks for your help.


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