I'am getting this error code

I'am getting this error code

Post by mike » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 01:43:19

When I send a email, from my pocket pc, with a voice memo
attached.Then try to play it back on my desktop pc it
gives me this error code. I have already downloaded
version 9 of windows media player. Does anyone know what
this error is? And how to fix it?

Error# C00D11C6

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2. iam getting error no -10401 when i use pci-6250+scxi1120+scxi1303

PCI 6250 is a M series card and SCXI modules can be multiplexed to it.
( I think so!
If it cannot be used for this purpose, somebody plz do correct me!
I remember reading that this card is not ideal for using to access SCXI modules in PXI-SCXI combo chassis, but I am not sure if it cannot be used in stand alone SCXI chassis too, as in this case :smileysurprised:)
If the compatibility is fine, check this: Have configured this PCI 6250 DAQ card as the card that controls this SCXI chassis that houses your 1120 on 'Measurement and automation explorer' ( MAX) ??
this error usually is shown if your hardware is not configured on MAXMessage Edited by devchander on 07-24-2006 02:21 AM

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