Use for an old PPC - Car computer or remote control?

Use for an old PPC - Car computer or remote control?

Post by Nick » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 02:21:09

hey folks,
I have an older iPAQ 3850 that I have no use for. I've offered it to the
fiance but she doesn't want it.
I have two ideas about putting it to use, but I waned to get some

Idea #1 - media center remote control
I could use it as a touch screen remote for my entertainment center and have
it and the doc on my coffee table
However, I have a fancy sony LCD remote, so I dont really have a need. I
also have a laptop hooked up to my system so I can stream music from my
network. Using it just as a remote seems a bit of a waste, but maybe
Does anyone know any other good ideas involving home entertainment?

Idea # 2 - car computer
I could mount this thing in my car and use it as a moble mp3 juke box. I
could throw a 512mb CF card in it and store a lot of music. One issue would
be getting the songs on it. I could use my wireless card, but then I'd have
to remove the CF storage card. Also, when I cut the car off, the ipaq would
turn off too. I could always just bring the card in and sysc it that way.
The other issue is wireing it in. I have a BMW 2001 325... I do have a
cassett player, so I'm thinking the only option is cassett adaptor- not a
clean look.
I have a sprint wireless CF card, so I could use it a bit like a cell phone
/ wireless internet too... but not sure if there is much value in that as I
have a cell and another ipaq 2015 that I use for that.

Someone else suggested mounting it near the phone and using it as a phone
book, but that too seems like a waste of its talents.

Any ideas? I don't want to put a lot of money in to this (IE not going to
buy a bluetooth GPS for it), but I dont mind spending a little to make it do
some new tricks.


Use for an old PPC - Car computer or remote control?

Post by HardwareLu » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 13:24:38

Just a thought, but can you use it to control X-10 home control devices