How to redirect audio from default external speaker to BT stack and headset?

How to redirect audio from default external speaker to BT stack and headset?

Post by News » Sat, 03 Jun 2006 20:37:24

On an iPaq hw6515, I would like redirect GPS driving instructions from
the default external speaker to a Jabra BT250V headset.

Telephone is accommodated in the normal course, but how would I get the
GPS audio redirected?

(Note: The BTAudio utility does not work with the BT stack in the iPaq.}


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I just got my Bluetooth stereo headphone (from Bluetake
( ) and they really sound
very nice!

With the BT dongle (BT430) that comes with the headset attached to the
iPAQ's audio connector things work as expected.

Now, I was wondering: my Laptop has built-in Bluetooth. Shouldn't it
thus be possible to run this connection without any additional dongle?

So I ran through the device detection, headset pairing and connection
exercise and indeed the BT tray icon shows the headset iPHONO as
connected. But neither do I get any audio output over the headphones
nor is the microphone integrated into the headphones used for input.

Under ControlPanel => Sound and Audio Devices => Audio I selected
Bluetooth Audio for both playback and recording - but still not a
single tone!

What am I missing? What does one have to do to use a Bluetooth for
audio I/O?


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