PPC 2003 OS slower e-mail Log on than PPC 2002?

PPC 2003 OS slower e-mail Log on than PPC 2002?

Post by Yfoile » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:09:39

I have a dilemma. My old T-mobile PPC "Phone Edition" with the Windows 2002
OS used to log on to my POP3 e-mail account in about 10 to 15 seconds.

Now that I have the newer PPC Phone Edition with the Windows 2003 OS it
takes a full minute just to log on. Tech support has been NO help.
This is a full minute of the thing just sitting there doing nothing. The
signal strength makes NO difference. It ALWAYS takes a minute now.

Any ideas why this is happening? There aren't many options or settings to
try in the POP3 settings on the PPC.

I'm stumped... Gimme my old OS back!!


PPC 2003 OS slower e-mail Log on than PPC 2002?

Post by Barlin » Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:16:42

Since Windows Mobile 2003 has been
released, some have reported
problems getting email where their
previous Pocket PC 2002 devices had
no problems with the same server.
It may be a combination of more
advanced features in the new Inbox
client and a misconfiguration on your
ISP's server. If your email server has
SSL enabled but it isn't working for
whatever reason (no certificate,
mis-configured, etc.) Pocket PC 2003
will fail. It sees the server is SSL
capable and when it can't negotiate
a secure connection, it just gives up
and reports a failure to you.
Pocket PC 2002 devices of course
didn't support SSL so they never
knew the SSL connection wasn't

The answer is a registry hack.
I don't recommend you do this
unless you have this problem as it
could disable your ability to use
email servers that are properly SSL
configured, or your email is done
over an open unsecured connection.
This seems to be a system wide
setting, not a per inbox setting.

1. For registry key:
create new DWORD ForceOffSSL and give it a value of 1.
2. Soft-reset device (or stop Inbox and restart Inbox)

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