outlook messages to phone application cprog.exe

outlook messages to phone application cprog.exe

Post by DRG12 » Tue, 20 Mar 2007 18:28:46


I have created a simple phone application that does the work similar
to cprog.exe.

Now, when i replace the default cprog.exe with my application, I can
not do all functionality like,

What to do when voice tag matches?
In this case, sddialer should be sending some message to cprog.exe
that should send the Number to call also. I do not know what can it
I do not have default cprog.exe code.

Can anyone send me default cprog.exe code/ it's messages registered?

I have tried to see messages with spy tool but i do not find any
message that has parameters that may have number to call.

The same problem is there when user tries to call via outlook
contacts -> call Work/call Mobile/Call Home etc.

I want to know that here also, how to get notification that user has
cliciked the menu item from contacts menu. The number to call is one
most importatn thing for me.

Actually I want to hadle all messages, that are handled by default
application, in my application. Right now, when i replace the old
application with my own one, and then when user calls via outlook,
nothing happens.

Can anyone send me any kind of hint?