How to access exchange webmail over wifi?

How to access exchange webmail over wifi?

Post by Helio Diam » Thu, 12 Apr 2007 19:38:42


Please take a look at the following articles:

They should explain everything to you clearly.

In case you are not the person that manages the Exchange Server, you will
need the help of your IT guys.


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Hi all,

Because we want to use OWA (Exch 2003) on our extranet (e.g. which next to OWA has to serve other websites
(apache, tomcat, other iis) we want to add a directory to the exchange
url, so at the firewall (which hosts the proxy server it's clear which
server to choose even a second owa (the old 5.5)).
We can do do this for the exchange virtual directory but have to setup
this also for the other virtual dirs:exchweb, contents, public etc.
Is their a simple (or hard) way to slip in a directory in the url ?



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