PPC adhoc connected to Desktop but can't connect to internet

PPC adhoc connected to Desktop but can't connect to internet

Post by shin » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 00:04:30

Here is my situation

I have a desktop which connected to internet though a wired LAN, i installed
a 802.11b USB client in this desktop also, then i connect my built in wifi
ipaq 4150 to this desktop with adhoc connection.

For the wireless connection in desktop,
I choose obtain ip address automatically, and is assigned to
it automitcallly.
Also ICS is enabled in this connection

For my ppc,
it is connected to the desktop via the adhoc connection
i choose obtain ip address automatically also, and is
assigned to it

PPC can ping Desktop and Desktop can ping PPC
PPC can sync with desktop also

But the problem is
Desktop fail to share interest connection to PPC
eg: PPC can't ping www.google.com

Anyone have hint for me?
Thank in advance


PPC adhoc connected to Desktop but can't connect to internet

Post by David Woo » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 01:11:07

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That's incorrect. You enable ICS on the Internet connection, not on
anything that's to act as a client of that connection.

It's impossible to give precise advice as to what to do without more
details of the wired network connection - particularly the way IP
addresses are assigned and how many are available.

Briefly - though you'll need to investigate these further.

If the desktop runs Windows XP, investigate enabling bridging between
the wired and wireless network connections on the desktop machine.
Bridging allows you to make two physically separate networks logically
the same network - for example, if I bridge the 1394 Net Adapter in the
XP Professional box I'm using now to its wired Ethernet connection, I
could then connect an XP Professional laptop to the Firewire port and it
would become part of my wired Ethernet network. You can similarly use
bridging to link a wired and wireless LAN.

If the desktop doesn't run Windows XP, you'll have to use some form of
proxy to share the Internet connection. Internet Connection Sharing is
one possibility, but on many versions of Windows forces an IP numbering
schema that may be incompatible with your wired network. If that's
unacceptable, you'll have to use third-party software instead of ICS.

Personally I don't regret using a router to link my cable modem (which
presents on 10-BaseT Ethernet) to my wired LAN. Amongst other things,
that router acts as a DHCP server. For the wireless LAN, there's an
802.11b access point on the wired LAN.

This makes the practicalities of sharing network connections and
Internet access much simpler, as the router carries out the functions of
ICS and similar in hardware, and the access point has a built in network
bridge. It also means that my network isn't dependent on any of the
computers to work properly (it's for this reason that the three printers
are either connected to network print sharers, or have a built in
network print sharer)

Combined wired/wireless routers do all this in one box!

David Wood


PPC adhoc connected to Desktop but can't connect to internet

Post by David Hett » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 01:34:20

As was posted by David Wood, your basic setup is incorrect. You want to
share your wire connection. When you share it, this will set up your
wireless connection with an IP address of (Note this is the only
address that ICS will work with) and a subnet mask of These
are the only values that should be set, and will be set on the wireless USB
connection. No default gateway here, or DNS. Setting address for anything
else will break ICS. You will want to enable NetBIOS on this connection if
you want to be able to ActiveSync. On your 4150 be sure you have set the
iPAQ USB Wireless Adapter to use server-assigned addressing. Hope this

David Hettel
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PPC adhoc connected to Desktop but can't connect to internet

Post by shin » Mon, 15 Dec 2003 02:09:57

hank so much, it work perfectly after i shared my wired connection : )

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