Bluetooth Auto Reconnect?

Bluetooth Auto Reconnect?

Post by Dave » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 23:54:43


I'm using my H2215 to control WMP10 on my Tablet PC via
Bluetooth. Obviously, the connection is lost when I turn
off the Pocket PC to save the battery. The software I'm
using (deciding between Zerama Remote and Rudeo Remote)
both have auto reconnect to their respective server

However, it's the actual Bluetooth connection to my
Tablet PC that doesn't automatically reconnect. Is there
a way for the two devices to automatically sense each
other and connect? I'm using a Belkin Bluetooth
CF/PCMCIA combo card in my Tablet (F8T006).


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Working at my desk I use Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse peripherals
with my laptop; when I carry the laptop elsewhere they stay behind.
I've yet to find a recipe such that they will automatically reconnect
when I return to the desk, even though the keyboard and mouse are set up
as favorites and seem to be recognized -- but not connected -- when I
get back.

I've tried turning Bluetooth off before leaving, back on when I return;
sleep and wake after returning; other stuff. Any ideas?

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