Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by MS » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 11:33:37

Yes. So it worked with 5.0. I read about someone doing this successfully
with WM 6.0. My 6.1 phone has all the settings for using BT DUN outbound,
but it doesn't work. I am wondering if that is the case with all WM 6.1
phones, or just my model, or just those that have the same BT stack as mine,
or just my particular phone?

Therefore, it would be good to hear from others who have tried
this--especially with WM 6.1 devices, and even more so if anyone has tried
it with an IPAQ 910.

If someone reading has not tried this yet, but is curious about it, and
wants to help advance WM knowledge, please try this, and let us know how it
worked with your PPC.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by MS » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 11:42:02


This is OT to the topic of the thread, but just a little more on the term
"dumbphone". It really isn't used in a pejorative way at all, where I have
seen it used--just as a term for regular (i.e. "non-smart") phones.

Probably the person who first used the term, used it kind of as a
joke--meaning that if some phones are called "smartphones", those that are
not called that must be the opposite, "dumbphones". Somehow that joking name
stuck, at least on phone forums.

That said, I don't like the term much, it sounds rather pejorative, even if
not used that way, and in fact is totally irrelevant to the subject here, as
the DUN could just as well be through another smartphone. So, I changed the
title now on follow-ups I write to this thread.


Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Todd Allco » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 15:30:25


even if

The "real" industry term for a "dumbphone" is "feature phone," but most
people aren't familiar with that term.

"Dumbphone" gets the point across, but I agree it sounds pejorative.

I wish I could help you, but I have no WM 6.1 device to test DUN.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Roger 200 » Sun, 12 Apr 2009 22:00:02

I thought you had a "Tilt" and I think I read somewhere that an AT&T tilt
can be upgraded to WM6.1.

If you happen to have an HTC TyTN II the upgrade to WM6.1 is at

And I know from experience that after installing the above software the BT
DUN will start working even if it didn't work before.

As a side note. The new WM6.1 phones have a real easy way to check their
bluetooth profiles. It is under Bluetooth->Profiles and using that screen I
found out both AT&T and Verizon are starting to put BT DUN on their new
phones but dig what Verizon says about their BT DUN.

"5. While this device supports the Bluetooth Dial Up Networking profile,
maximum download speeds will be limited to 460 kbps. Further, typical
operating conditions and radio interference (including interference from
WiFi networks, cordless telephones and microwaves) may significantly
diminish speeds. Verizon Wirelss is unable to provide an estimate of
typical speeds."

I thought Verizon's support of BT DUN was too good to be true then I find
out they cap the speed of it. Now that is "typical" of Verizon.

Above quote from Verizon can be found at:

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Todd Allco » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 02:51:40

Yes it can, but I have no desire to upgrade it- I tried it once briefly when
I had to hard reset my device anyway. It didn't allow bypassing the AT&T
customizations, and didn't get along with some of the software I use, so I
downgraded back to 6.0. WM 6.1 didn't seem to be a significant enough
upgrade for touchscreen devices to struggle through those roadblocks (as
opposed to the non-touchscreen WinMo "Standard" OS where WM6.1 offered some
pretty significant enhancments, like cut and paste, and a new, more
functional, Today screen.)

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by r_z_are » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 04:36:58

On Sat, 11 Apr 2009 00:30:25 -0600, Todd Allcock


From a non-technical (more like plain English) perspective, I don't
think "feature phone" and "dumbphone" are the same. To me, "dumbphone"
is something like a Jitterbug. And folks who want something like that
_don't_ want anything with more than minimal "features".

How about "plain phone"?

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Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by MS » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 05:56:34


I you have a minute though, please re-read my original post to the thread.

I wasn't asking about the usual way to use DUN, to use a WM phone as a
modem, to connect the computer to the Internet.

I was asking about using another phone as the modem, to connect the WM phone
through the Internet connection of the other phone.

That is definitely possible with WM phones, at least since WM5. The services
and settings are all there.

The only problem is, on the HP IPAQ 910 I just got, although all the
settings were there, and I set them up correctly, it does not work, it will
not connect.

The problem is not with the other phone (SE TM506), as it works fine as a
modem for a laptop, with 3G speed,on T-Mobile!

I was able to connect an old WM5 phone (MDA) this way, to that same TM506. I
have read about someone doing it with an IPAQ 211, running WM 6.0.

So, since my IPAQ 910 is running WM 6.1, I am wondering if the problem is
6.1, or IPAQ 910s in general, or just the one I got.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by MS » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 06:01:52

Well, the way I have seen the term used, in phone forums like Howardforums,
is just to denote any phone that does not have a recognized smartphone OS.
That is what I meant here, in referring to my SE TM506 as a "dumbphone". No
pejorative meaning was implied--I like that phone--it has some advantages
over WM phones, to be sure. And it has a "lot" of features--including
internal GPS, 3G data, can be used as 3G modem, good camera, Internet
browser, etc., etc.

That said, I wish I had not used the term here, as it has been a
distraction, and really irrelevant to the question I'm asking.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Todd Allco » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 06:03:18

One could argue that the lack of features is itself, a "feature" of those
phones! ;-)

Not as catchy, but it'd probably work...

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Dave Warre » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 06:14:41

In message <lYWDl.10050$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM > Todd Allcock

It's also a particularly bad name, since smartphones tend to have
features too.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Todd Allco » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 07:10:39

True- I chalk that up to industries never wanting to insult a product,
even at the lower end. For example, HDTV led to us calling non-HDTVs
"standard" definition, rather than "low" definition (which is logical
opposite of "high.") Is HDTV itself not a "standard?"

It reminds me of some standup comedian's joke about the restaurant that
had two sizes of drinks, "medium" and "large," ostensibly so they could
get away with charging more for a "medium" than they might have if they
called it a "small."

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Roger 200 » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:52:14

Yes, I was using BT DUN for the Internet and I am and sorry to have
mentioned BT PAN.

I think the phone was a Samsung 910i but all I can really say for sure
is the screen was 240x400.

Yes it was a bummer because I've done that same thing a number of
timesefore but could not get it to work on that phone.

I have used BT DUN to get the Internet from a phone to a Laptop,
Tablet, iPAQ 211 and another phone.

Shortly after I got a Mogul I started looking for a way to add BT DUN
to that so I could use that for the Internet on another device,

Posted via Pro

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Roger 200 » Mon, 20 Apr 2009 21:01:15

Ok I double checked what type of phone I tried to use the BT DUN on my phone
with and failed. It was a Samsung i910 or Omnia.

So in answer to your original question: "Has anyone here tethered with an
IPAQ 910, or at least a WM 6.1 PPC?"
Yes, and after all the times I have been able to use the BT DUN on one phone
to get the internet to another phone and it has worked I've seen one phone
where I tried twice and could not get it to work.

BTW I was at a Radio Shack yesterday and noticed that one of their Tomtom
gps units looked for cell phones with BT DUN for it's internet connection.

Tether WM 6.1 PPC through another phone?

Post by Werner "Me » Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:27:12

Wowz, a long thread - pretty hard to read through :)

1, the iPAQ 210 has the Widcomm BT stack; this is why it's able to connect
to both BT PAN and BT DUN phones - as opposed to the, in this regard, far
less capable MS BT stack.
2, phones with the MS BT stack can only be connected to via BT PAN unless
you install the BT DUN hack on them (some newer phones come with it
built-in; older WM5+ ones don't), which was co-developed by me.


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