Using SDIO Wifi Card on Audiovox PPC5050

Using SDIO Wifi Card on Audiovox PPC5050

Post by Trevo » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 03:36:57

I was wondering if anyone has had success using a SDIO
wifi card with the Audiovox PPC5050 Pocket PC phone? I
have contacted Audiovox Canada (This phone is only sold
in Canada according to them) and they suggested checking
this forum as they didn't know if it would work. If
someone has had success, I would really appreciate a
reply and any suggestions on what brand(s) of SDIO wifi
cards they have tried.


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Hi all,

I have a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Client driver for WiFi SDIO Card. This
driver is able to load in the 1-bit mode and able to list out all the access
points in this mode (With fast path enabled).

The same driver when configured in the 4-bit mode, it is able to load but
could not able to list out the access points available (With fast path

The same SD host controller is being used with SDMemory, and SDMemory works
properly in 1-bit mode as well as in 4-bit mode.

I really appreciate comments on this.

Sandeep K

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