Help sharing internet from Desktop to PDA with Ad Hoc

Help sharing internet from Desktop to PDA with Ad Hoc

Post by Ree-Yee » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:47:08

Hi! This is a long post but I've tried to be detaid with everything that I
have tried.

I have at my work a desktop that has a network card that is hooked into the
company network. It obtains its ip address automatically via DHCP. The
computer runs windows 2000 professional edition.

I purchased a SMC USB to Wireless device in the hopes of being able to
access my computer from my Pocket PC as well as surf the internet using my
PC's internet connection.

My PDA has a SMC CF wifi card that works fine at home on my SMC wifi router
in Infrastructure mode.

The OPTIMUM way that I would like to run it, is to leave my pocketpc network
connection screen on Work Settings, Work Settings, and Work. And to leave
the IP address set to DHCP. This way the only thing I would have to change
from home to work is to flip it from an Infrastructure to an Ad Hoc network.

Here is what I have had work/not work so far:
1. I set the USB->Wifi device to Ad Hoc. The PDA can see the device listed
with Pocket Winc. Cannot access or ping the Desktop.

2. I set the ip address of the desktop USB->Wifi device to with
a netmask of and a gateway of I still cannot
access or ping the desktop from the pda.

3. I set the PDA ip address from DHCP to with a gateway of I can now ping the pc and view the desktop via VNC. Sucks
that I had to change the ip address. Still no internet sharing going on.

4. I picked to share the internet connection on the USB->Wifi LAN settings.
It told me that was in use and that i couldnt do that. I set
that back to obtain automatically and reset the internet connection sharing.
Now I could still ping/access the pc from the PDA, but it botched my network
card somehow cause now I could no longer access the internet at all from the

5. Turned off ICS and set the ip of the desktop back to I
installed some crappy AnalogX proxy on the desktop. Next I setup a NEW
profile in the connection settings so that I could turn on the use of a
proxie server. Now I can connect to the desktop and browse the web.

So way #5 works but is definitly not acceptable. I will have to change from
Infrastructure to Ad Hoc, change all my ip address settings, and change the
2 boxes from Work Settings to my new profile, EACH day at work and then when
I return home.

There has to be a better way to JUST have to change from infrastructure to
Ad Hoc and have the desktop at work set up more correctly.

Any assistance is appreciated!
You can email me at ree-yees@c o m c a s t DOT n e t if you dont want to
just post up on the group for some reason.

Help sharing internet from Desktop to PDA with Ad Hoc

Post by David Hett » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:01:37

ell you want to go back to step # 4 but this share your Network card, not
the USB card. You need to run ICS, to do what you want and you where almost
there, in try #4 but you shared the USB card. You need to share the other

David Hettel
Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices

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Help sharing internet from Desktop to PDA with Ad Hoc

Post by Ree-Yee » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 00:57:00

Just in case anyone has the same problem:
1. I set the NIC connected to the internet to share the connection
2. I left the wifi adapter set to obtain everything automatically. and set
it to be Ad Hoc
3. I left my CF wifi pda card set to Infrastructure just like I have it set
to my house
4. I got a program called pocket winc.

Winc shows my Ad Hoc netowrk here at switches to it automatically and I am
connect to the internet.

At home it shows my home accesspoint and connects to it automaticlly as