MS BT keyboard & Billionton CF

MS BT keyboard & Billionton CF

Post by David W Sc » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:21:57

itto - MS are you listening to your users!!!???

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1. Billionton bluetooth CF card: performance is 10KB/sec

2. Billionton bluetooth CF: how to make it work


Oops, that was typo, I meant "Billionton bluetooth CF". I posted lkml
so that it gets archived on easy-to-search place.

Good. [Actually it does *not* work for me in -rc4, but it seems to be
pcmcia problem.]

Yes, I was just confused. I'm normally only starting hcid just before
talking to the phone, and I did not try it when I was BD address of
all zeros.
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